NRR31: Taeter - "Glorious Paraphilia


This is prime power electronics in stark contrast to the useless metal core inspired schlock ex-sXe guys are slinging today (shitty wall of noise, crappy screaming vokills bro) You can understand lots of the lyrics, which manage to be sensual and sleazy but never fall into corn dog zone. I've followed Nicola's (ahem) career for - really almost all of it. He's pretty much "real as it gets" and this may be his best release.

Glorious Paraphilia is the sort of thing that needs to be out on LP, or in some way considered a major work. I dunno, it's sick as fuck. Taeter sold well enough but I was (still am) shocked by it's lack of ass kissing. Seems the sort of thing people would get obsessed with. It got the usual compliments and the usual complaints. Its the first No Rent release with a parental advisory, which it earned (there are multiple photographs of Nicola's dick covered in maggots featured in the art, for starters.)

It is recorded a little bit quiet, to preserve the dynamics. While I always suggest (in jock voice) PLAY IT LOUD on this one it really matters. The peak volume point comes halfway through the second side and if you listen to that track first its the volume of you know --- regular noise - but if you play from the beginning at a high volume and get used to the levels as they are you get the coveted triumphant moment.

This is easily in the top 10 of the no rent releases. Factoid = this was the first no rent tape with the nrr logo.