NO RENT is a small family type tape label releasing experimental music.

Please no demos.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in the states, 4-6 overseas. when busy we make daily post office trips but thank you for being patient when necessary.

No Rent assumes no responsibility for any mail order once it is in the hands of postal services in the United States or elsewhere. The delivery speed, status and condition of all packages are beyond our control. We do our best to securely package orders. The vast majority of mail orders arrive at their destination in a timely and secure manner. But we will not replace or refund those orders that are lost or damaged in transit by forces and organizations beyond our control.

Contact Rosie at press.norentrecords@gmail.com for promotional/review copies of tapes and interview/contact info for artists on No Rent.

Many of our out-of-print releases are available on bandcamp for free / name your price download.

The last 10 copies of a title are placed on bandcamp and marked as "sold out" here, this helps us avoid accidental overselling of fast moving items. If it's sold out here check bandcamp.

Please no demos.

This label is growing on a nearly bi-weekly basis so check back often.

Please no demos.