NORENT066: yan jun "hongkong" C50

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NORENT066: yan jun "hongkong" C50

Yan Jun is a musician and poet who lives in Beijing. He makes experimental and improvised non-music using noise, field recordings, bodies and concepts as materials. His compositions are usually simple, unskilled and not musical. He'll occasionally go to the audience's house to play plastic bags.
"I wish I was a field recording." - Yan Jun

Since 2015 Yan Jun has quietly worked on a trilogy based on places for NRR beginning with the hypnotic raw feedback of europe to the clumsily haunting lanzhou and concluding here with hongkong

My personal example of truly pure noise; Yan Jun achieves the stoicism every school of experimental sound mentioning "purity” alludes to. A singular artist who created a beautiful album within a trilogy of compelling, truly extreme sound.

Amazing work. Thank you Yan Jun.

Edition of 100 pro dubbed cassettes in a professionally printed 3 panel jcard that opens into a 6 panel mini poster. Cover art Yu Ji, photo by Zhang Hong (Edouard Malingue Gallery) courtesy of the artist.