NORENT073: torschlusspanik "Intersexual Healing" 2XC40

NORENT073: torschlusspanik "Intersexual Healing" 2XC40

--last copies-- This was our final release of 2022 and sold out immediately. We've received 10 more from our friends @ Strange Mono, with whom the album was co-released. 5 here 5 on bandcamp
Immaculate, meticulous and emotionally heavy musique concrète from TN. Shifting sonic burden.

"Originated in 2013, Torschlusspanik is a middle-aged Tennessee gal's outlet for mostly unpleasant and nonrealistic music that has been summarized as "maximalist electro-acoustic" in the past. A wide scramble of sounds are crudely forced into sound collage and (vague) song format intended for weaponizing emotional overstimulation and mulling over lost opportunity as time is near expired."

Edition of 100 in trap case with color enclosure and postcard inserts.