NRR157: Tim Gick "Body Without Organs" C44

NRR157: Tim Gick "Body Without Organs" C44

We were initially struck by the pacing of Tim's edits in Crazy Doberman. In a relatively short amount of time he grew to be considered in our little circles one of the better editors in sound art.

Anyone can hack away at a piece of music until it is as un-embarrassing as possible. Editing to hide flaws (and its reactionary mirror) has birthed a false dichotomy between guarded technically well composed safe noise and its apparent opposite, gutless genre adherence parading as "principles". You can't play an instrument because you're an idealogue. Got it. This is truly the shit platter they try to hand you when you seek infinite sonic possibilities. Just utterly safe and risk averse while advertising the opposite. I'd argue that false purity is slightly harder than false complexity but only just a little and both suck. Neither stands the test of time, or even really puts up a fight.

It is rare for someone to take a controlling hand in the living kingdom of noise without over working the material. His gentle touch doesn't come along every day and isn't something you can just practice. Though he does practice. There's something else too. This stuff is fucking mulched but it breathes. Again I can't stress how rare this is. Someone pursuing the promise of noise with honest seriousness is still a beautiful, keeps you going type thing.

Unlike the Doberman stuff, which was more of a pairing down of massive multi musician sessions (greatly challenging approach to begin audio editing, from a problem solving perspective, the live element being core might explain a lot) this is a pure electronic, recorded-to-the-edit type work. Very honed in from the start There are big changes and mini movements, stunted flares occurring with their own wider logic. Great example is the change in "Bugged", which is very simple, almost nonevent that's nevertheless elite. Not sure if it’s edit or playing but it’s movement and shows intent from the opening but never feels like homework. This album has everything a blogger would need to mistake it for a field recording. You can just listen.

Body WIthout Organs shows intent in each moment, while feeling free, open, and unencumbered. A unique voice. Truly rare.

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