NRR164: FATE C10

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NRR164: FATE C10

"Beginning in 1828, house owner John Hart Crenshaw leased the state salt springs near Equality Township, Gallatin County, Illinois, built a mansion with a mysterious third floor - and created the most restless ghosts in Egypt." (1)

limited to 35 copies


• jcard custom embossed with the word "fate" in standard case

• 1 bundle of white sage, tied by a black dress shoe string

• Ten of the 35 cassettes have a key randomly placed inside, which unlock five padlocks. (2)

• artist finger print

• each cassette infused with the scent of sage through heavy smoke exposure (video) (3)

• Ripped out pages from The State of Southern Illinois by Herbert Russell, embossed with "fate" are included, as well as similar cut-outs with "fate" embossed on each tape side.

• two five minute sides of Jason Crumer repeating the word "fate" (4)

No authorized digital version is available.


(1) Little Egypt is the colloquial term for a region in Southern Illinois. Despite growing up in Lebanon, Illinois, I was unaware of the term's usage until adulthood. It is advised that you conduct your own research on the region.

(2) The intended purpose of these padlocks will be revealed in a future box set to be released by spring 2024. Once locked, they will be rendered inaccessible, including to us, without the key or bolt cutters.

(3) Please be advised that even if you choose not to burn the included sage, the cassettes will emit a sage odor. If this scent is disagreeable to you, we recommend ordering separate items in their own orders to avoid affecting the box's overall smell.

(4) These cassettes do not contain music, but instead feature the repetition of the word "fate," complemented by outdoor sounds such as barking dogs, passing cars, and ambient room noises.