NRR176: Jim Rats "Perfuser" C26

NRR176: Jim Rats "Perfuser" C26

Perfuser was the result of my music experimentations at Heaven's Gate, having fun striking a balance between dreamy ambiences and grounding, intense distortions while building little sound worlds I could trip into and through.

During the process there were always extra voices and noises that would accompany me in the PA in the basement making me not feel so alone... so the sound was also inspired by this interaction and my ability to capture these sounds or replicate them in honor of those unknown forces. Perfuser is also inspired by some dreams influenced by this shrieking sound outside my bedroom window which would always wake me up. It sounded like a car slamming on its breaks and I would anticipate a crash and an explosion that would never happen. In Perfuser, I tried to climax on some beautiful explosions while exploring those dreams the screeching sound entered and manipulated.

I also wanted to create a visual experience for the project to illuminate some of theze fucked up dreamscapes I saw. The visual album is a flowing collage of subconscious films.


Edition of 100