NRR179: Chrysalis & Ecclesiastical Scaffolding "MONA Performance Sessions" C30

NRR179: Chrysalis & Ecclesiastical Scaffolding "MONA Performance Sessions" C30

No Rent is proud to present this monster collaboration made for performance at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, Australia. These sessions are characterized by high-gravity, pulsating and stabbing electronics with tonally stark acoustic elements. It's the rare album that feels live and organic, yet maintains an uncompromising aesthetic in its black-and-white tonality. I can’t help but wonder how the museum crowd took it.

The ambient undertones abruptly pulsate with a borderline antagonistic energy which the noise builds up around. The noise itself is fuckin' NOISE NOISE when it hits, not borderline anything, just actually antagonistic. But even then, we're looking at something pretty subtle. The acoustics as well as the album's excellent fidelity make that even clearer.

The compositions growth patterns give off a stoic cruelty reminiscent of masterpieces like Christian Renou and Anemone Tube's great "Transference" CD—undeniably one of my all-time favorite noise albums. There's a buzzing, clumsily artful bluntness here, the type of distinctive quality that initially started my love for noise. A sound I miss. This album is simply sick-as-hell. - Jason Crumer

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