Expanded Editions

Expanded Editions are free enhancements to No Rent releases, offering the original albums with a wealth of additional content such as concert footage, alternate takes, interviews, images, and videos. We release them sparingly, when they might truly enhance the original works, the links remain accessible indefinitely, and they're entirely free. donations to support our server space are appreciated but not obligatory.

NRR42, NRR108, NORENT066: Yan Jun Europe, Lanzhou, and Hong Kong

Between 2017 and 2022 Yan Jun recorded a trilogy of albums about specific locations for No Rent. This download contains those three albums + hours of neatly organized audio, video and reading material including:

• footage of full sets from 20 concerts, spanning many years
• the complete collection of Yan Jun videos by director Syd Miller (3 unreleased)
• a lengthy interview 
• new, unreleased audio
• a photo collection

NRRUSA: Anonymous Fontana (C90, C60, C30)

includes separate folders for all six sides of the recordings. This expanded collection includes some basic photos of Johnny Cage scores and some easily searchable information. The highlight of this collection is the four extra hours of non-truncated versions of the tracks.

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