International and Distribution

 NO RENT titles are available here:

• No Rent Records (USA)

• Skeleton Dust Records (USA)

• Tobira Records (Japan)

• Field Trip (USA)

• Scream And Writhe / Absurd Exposition (Canada)

• Satatuhatta (Finland/EU)

• Industrial Coast (United Kingdom)

• Satatuhatta (Finland/EU) and Stellage should have copies shortly as well.

We ship quickly to anywhere but these should help with postage costs internationally
if you are outside of the US and would like to be added to this list get in touch

We are always looking to expand past our borders. But please understand our policies. 

If you'd like to carry No Rent titles we ask that you carry all No Rent titles. That can be as many as 1 - 50 titles, but we feel its a diserice to our artists who pour so much of themselves into their work to not send their material internationally to some degree.

Distribution Policy Overview for No Rent Titles

At No Rent, we're excited to collaborate with distributors interested in our unique catalog. Please take note of the following key points:

1. International Distribution:
No Rent is actively seeking partnerships with distributors interested in delivering  high-quality and reasonably priced titles to audiences outside of the USA.

2. Exclusivity for Loyal Distributors:
We value distributors who take chances on debut releases, experimental tapes, and other less predictable items. If you haven't yet explored these offerings from us you've done nothing to deserve a cut of profits on items we can easily sell at full price . If you've done nothing to support the experimental soul of the label we in most cases won't send you the titles you're bound to ask about. Again. If you can't even partially subsidize our smaller releases we have zero incentive to give you things at half price that would otherwise sell overnight and keep the label going.  However, making just a few selections, one each even, allows you to participate in our highest demand orders at large numbers, which can lead to profitable long term co-operation. 

3. All of nothing:
To support the creative endeavors of our artists, we demand our distributors carry the majority of our catalog. This can range from as few as one tape to 50+. We believe it's important to make our artists' work available internationally to a considerable extent.

RECORD STORES: are the exception. You provide a valuable service outside of a website where someone can click (we have that already) While we prioritize fast domestic shipping within the USA, we are very enthusiastic about getting our works into record stores, show only distros and shops domestically and internationally. Large or small, we are open to store  based consignment of nearly any size.  The value of our records being discoverable off the internet weights the small loses we may take there. 

Contact Us:

If you have any inquiries or wish to discuss distribution opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

we receive daily messages that force more legalize into our official statments just about every week. Apologies. Its pretty chill to order from us really despite the above ebook.